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Holy Shit, We Are Lazy.

Holy Shit, We Are Lazy.

Don’t blame Tim’s.  They’re just offering their goods to the laziest segment of society.  Smart business.

Really.  Fast food delivery because you can’t make the effort to go to one of 8 billion Tim Hortons near you to get a coffee and a muffin in 10 minutes or less?  You’d rather not expend any energy or interact with people (that part I get actually) so you order from Tims online and wait 30 minutes for lukewarm coffee and a cold wrap.  Sounds legit

I think we’re inching closer to a world where you don’t have to move and everything is immediate and we can virtually do anything and because we will be so fat it’ll morph into a necessity.

Blame Amazon and Google.  They’ve made everything instant and monetized your greatest asset. Time.

Now, here come the donuts.

I’ll just keep going into the store.  Yunno, ‘old school’ as they say.  And the people that would normally annoy me the most in line will probably be at home waiting for their double-double and death so it’s a win-win.










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