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Hot Female Music Teacher Arrested For Playing Student’s Flute And Doing Some Butt Stuff

Hot Female Music Teacher Arrested For Playing Student’s Flute And Doing Some Butt Stuff

Source  –  A Kentucky choir teacher faces charges for alleged sex romps with a student on school property after class was dismissed, according to officials.  Haley Reed, 35, was arrested Thursday after allegedly confessing to having sex multiple times with the minor at Oldham County High School, The Kentucky Herald-Leader reported. Reed, who is married, told investigators she was sexually involved with the underage student approximately eight times since April, news station WAVE reported.  The school choir director was booked at Oldham County Jail on charges of rape, sodomy and unlawful transaction with a minor. She is being held on $25,000 bond.  Her arrest comes just eight days before the last day of school, according to the district website.

Would.  She looks likes she’s been crying so she’s vulnerable.  Fish in a barrel

I’m surprised about the sodomy charge in Kentucky.  I was under the impression the majority of people in the deep south were conceived rectally so I assumed it wasn’t only legal, but encouraged.

The young man is 18 and obviously a hero among men in his peer group.  When a teenager tells his friends he’s corking the music teacher and takes the baloney bus to turd town, friends tend to not believe them.  Reading it in the story of her arrest probably put the questions to bed and now, he’s a living legend.

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