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Hot Science Teacher With Large Mammary Glands Arrested For Allowing Student To Study Her Mons Pubis.

Hot Science Teacher With Large Mammary Glands Arrested For Allowing Student To Study Her Mons Pubis.

Source – A married mother-of-two science teacher turned herself into police on Sunday after being charged with having an inappropriate sexual relationship with a 15-year-old student.

Jamie Lynn Goforth, 37, was hit with a charge of improper relationship between an educator and student. She faces between two to 20 years behind bars if convicted. 

Police say the relationship between the teen and the Caldwell High School teacher started in October 2017.

School officials informed law enforcement of the relationship on February 2, and an arrest warrant was issued on February 9. 

It appears that Goforth may have tried to flee town after learning about the warrant out for her arrest, but she eventually turned herself in on Sunday. 

Goforth was ordered held on $10,000 bail, but she later posted that amount and was released.  

According to a personal website, Goforth has been married to the high school’s athletic director and head football coach, Bobby Jack Goforth, since 2011. The couple have two young daughters together, in addition to Bobby’s two daughters from a previous relationship. 


Tough look for Bobby.  Your wife guns you for a 15-year-old and you still have a shitpile of shoulder and weird arm hair in all of the pics they post of your wife and her huge boobs.

Looks like she lost a pile of weight, got some new hoot-ski’s and started feeling dangerous.   15 year old’s will do anything to get a look at some boobs and when a woman offers to haul em out and get down, there’s literally no choice for the young man to make.  If any of these female teacher/student sex stories have taught male students anything is you can hit it and be the victim with zero negative repercussions at all.  It’s a Win/win/win for the young fella.

Nothing good here for Jamie Lynn other than her spectacular nuts being spread all over the web.   Free advertising for a HORNY milf with a bad compass.   Fish in a barrel.

Sure she might get called a whore on the way to the bank or a pedophile on the way to get some mascara at Rite-Aid but shes loses the sasquatchy football coach and his two kids and she’s in every young man’s spank bank.



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