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HUGE NEWS For Canadians With Minor Pot Convictions

HUGE NEWS For Canadians With Minor Pot Convictions


I think Trudeau is more interested in PR than running a country but sometimes it works in your favor.

Think of it in terms of Judo.  Using your opponent’s weight to your advantage is the key to winning.  I love winning and being right more than anything in the world but I’m not ashamed to admit I’m wrong either.  To me, it’s the hallmark of someone with a firm grasp on how to get what they want out of life.

Trudeau is legalizing pot to look like an uber progressive bro and be the guy that legalized pot.  He’s not doing it for all the medicinal reasons. But who cares if he’s doing it for shitty self-serving reasons because no one loses except kids whose parents treat it like its a drink and leave it lying around like morons.

as far as crossing the border goes you still might be screwed so check with customs before you go and get arrested for not checking before you go.

Canada is now the second country in the world to legalize recreational pot use.  The only other one?

URUGUAY. That doesn’t even look like a real word.



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