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Hunter S. Thompson Did More Drugs Than You

Here is a little clip of Rogan’s podcast where they went over Hunter S. Thompsons daily consumption ritual. This man started his day with what would be a lethal dose to most mortals. Who knew that cocaine and liquor were part of a complete breakfast? Anyone who is a fan of Thompson knows that he was no stranger to experience. Whether it be immersing himself into an unfamiliar world or a pile of cocaine, you can be sure he did it to the fullest.

Now, this list is probably not even close to the real thing, I think this is enough stimulants to stop an elephants heart. Plus who can do that much cocaine and consume that much food? I’m not buying it. But Thompson was no stranger to the extremes that life has to offer. A master in the art of not giving a fuck.

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Jamie Scott is a photographer, writer, comedy fan, and an avid sports enthusiast. When he isn't traveling the world you can be sure to find him talking sports and enjoying the company of his amigos. Jamie is always keen for a laugh and he's got the perspective to find something funny in everything.

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