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If Your Team Isn’t In The Playoffs, Shut Up And Stop Chirping The Maple Leafs. #HabsSuck

If Your Team Isn’t In The Playoffs, Shut Up And Stop Chirping The Maple Leafs. #HabsSuck

For anyone who cheers for the Toronto Maple Leafs, you are cut from a different cloth.

Patient. Dedicated. Passionate. Loving. Sobbing. Positive. Negative. United.

There are a few ways to describe Leafs Nation, no doubt, but one thing members of the nation don’t do, is give any fucks about other teams.

Meanwhile, now that the Maple Leafs are in a battle against the Bruins, which so far, isn’t going as planned, every single one of the Habs fans and other fans of rival teams for that matter have to chime in and give their two cents.

Here’s an idea.

If your two cents isn’t going towards the bill, keep your fucking money.

It doesn’t matter where you go, the hate for the Maple Leafs is everywhere.

Signs filled the rink in Kanata last season while the Sens took on the Rangers:

“Leafs Suck”

“Losers since 67”

All the same ol same ol. Crazy, isn’t it? Why weren’t Sens fans more concerned about the fact nobody attends their games or the fact they haven’t won anything since like 1910.

Now, this season, while the Leafs battle the Bruins, Habs fans just come out of the woods and throw shade like some oversized curtains.

Get off the Leafs nuts people. Your team fucking sucks, your GM is lost, your goalie doesn’t want to play there anymore, and did I mention your team fucking sucks.

Soph knows:

This clown feels the need to worry about another team. Again, Leafs fans don’t give a fuck about other teams when their team isn’t playing. Habs fans are bored:

Nick knows:

It’s two fucking games people.

The Leafs haven’t played this bad all season two games in a row, and yes, they are picking the worst time in the world to perform like this. But, this isn’t how they will continue to play, they will bounce back, and they will silence all of the critics who are bored as fuck with no hockey team to cheer for. Although you would actually need to watch the other 82 games the team has played to know that they are capable of turning this around.

Habs and Sens fans need to shut the fuck up, enjoy the history channel, and get ready for the lottery.

Your teams are shit. That’s why they aren’t playing right now. So stop worrying about teams that are, and grab some lube and pray Rasmus Dahlin lands on your lap.

The Maple Leafs aren’t going anywhere, for a very long time, deal with it, the rest of the league has:



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