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Is There A Reason I’m Being Shamed For Admitting I Go To Arby’s?

Is There A Reason I’m Being Shamed For Admitting I Go To Arby’s?

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When did this start happening, and WHY? Arby’s is amazing. My co-host (give him shit on Twitter @GrantTheJohnson) tried to tell me that people laugh at you if you go to Arby’s. The irony of this is that he loves Arby’s. If he would have said Taco Bell or McDonald’s I would have been OK with that, but Arby’s. Again why? When did this start? He claims there’s proof on the internet…like we can trust the internet (they let me on it).

Is this something the damn Millennial’s decided?

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I’ll say it…when I get “The Meats” I go to Arby’s. I’m not there every week, but it’s one of my fast food options. I’m not going to suggest it’s good for you, but it can’t be any worse than the rest of them. If this IS a thing we need to start a campaign to make it go away. If someone laughs at you for going to Arby’s throw your Dr. Pepper at them! And the next time you walk into an Arby’s hold your head high my friend because I got your back…and I’ll even finish those curly fries for you!

This came up on the show this morning, and I’m pretty sure we’ll be fighting about tomorrow!!! Hit the link to get to our daily podcast:


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