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John Tavares Leaning Toward Signing In Toronto…Update

John Tavares Leaning Toward Signing In Toronto…Update

This week we’ve been following the Saga of NHL free agent John Tavares and The Leafs desire to be inside him for 7 years/$73 million.

We ‘ve been told by several sources (Holy shit that’s hilarious because we actually do for some reason.  Maybe It’s because I ask nicely before I spill their beans and don’t like getting sued) it’s down to Toronto and The Islanders.  He’s more hopeful now Lou and Trotz are there but he’s tired of losing.  He would be made Captain of the Leafs and they’ve planned this for 2 years (Leafs not Tavares).

Today I was told It’s more likely Toronto is seen as the clubhouse leader.

– Leafs presentation was simple and direct and Tavares loves Babs and loved playing for him internationally.

– Tavares Is ‘Extremely interested” in Toronto

– Tavares goals are winning hardware and long-term financial security.

– John’s other half has a big-time Job in Toronto in the medical profession and makes a terrific living here.

– Dubas being the same age as Tavares is a plus and as strange as it may seem, Lou’s facial hair rule might come in to play too.

– Leafs hire Tavares best friend Wes Clark As Assistant Director Of Player Development

We heard this two days ago and sat on it out of respect goddammit!  That’s what we do.

Nothing’s guaranteed but everything our people have been told says it appears John is leaning towards Toronto but New York is a sentimental favorite.  Which is never a good favorite to be.

That’s all the intel we have but it’s accurate.

Guess we will find Out July 1.   More details to come…follow us @itsdeanblundell for the latest.


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