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John Tavares Will Be A Toronto Maple Leaf

John Tavares Will Be A Toronto Maple Leaf

Now when a secondary source confirms that a guy liked it when a team threw 100 million dollars at him, that’s fucking rock solid.

I’ve heard “a guy who’s best friends with his uncle” and “the concierge at his dad’s golf source” but finding out John Tavares was pleased that the Maple Leafs want to make him rich beyond belief and he has a chance to win a cup musta done it.  I’m like the Elliotte Friedman of bloggers now.

I have actually heard Toronto and NY are 50/50 and Babcock felt “incredible” about the mtg.

It’s done.  Mark it. 735 PM, June 26, 2018.  Tavares will be a Toronto Maple Leaf.  I feel it.

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