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Josh Donaldson Just Told The Blue Jays To Beat It And He’s Ghandi After This Year.

Josh Donaldson Just Told The Blue Jays To Beat It And He’s Ghandi After This Year.

Ka Boomski!

And with one tweet Blue Jays fans are reminded how cheap-ass the Blue Jays are, and they don’t give a shit about winning.

The Red Sox signed JD Martinez today.  I watched Aaron Judge, and Giancarlo Stanton take BP together today and came in my pants.  Then I remembered they were all in the AL East, so I shit those same pants.

Then I went out to get a Schwarma.  When I came back from “Schwarma Shack” I read the tweet Ben sent out.

It’s impossible to determine the inner workings or Mark Shapiro and Ross Atkins, but one thing I know is they haven’t stopped failing or turning players off of this franchise.  They dared Edwin to leave, and he left.  They told Marcus Stroman he sucked during arbitration, but he’s a pussy, so who cares.   They never offered anything to David Price.  They can’t sign a free agent to save their lives, and they basically just told Josh Donaldson he’s too old, and they won’t pay him what he’s worth statistically.

The Blue Jays are for sale.  So is Josh Donaldson now.  A franchise is a lot more attractive to prospective owners with no dead money so look at it like anal douching before you get a colonoscopy.  Something that’s necessary but no fun to go through.  Not to be confused with masturbating with a cheese grater.  Painful yet amusing.

Shapiro and Atkins were hired to gut the Blue Jays and sell them off. No one could be this shit at there jobs and smile like that when they’re robbing you.


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