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Kevin Durant is the Real MVP

Kevin Durant is the Real MVP

The NBA’s free agent market is insane right now. Teams are giving max dollars, and players are cashing in huge. I mean Kyle Lowry who’s career average for points per game is 14.3 just signed a three-year, $100M deal. That’s $33M per year.

Serge Ibaka also signed a three-year deal worth $65M and the man averaged 14.2ppg and 6.8trb this past season. You’re even seeing it go the other way for players who are far more worthy of these massive contracts.

Stephen Curry just signed the biggest contract in NBA history at $201M. The man is both a two-time MVP and NBA Champion. He’s arguably the greatest shooter the league has ever seen and just two seasons ago averaged 30.1ppg.

He likely would not have been a two-time NBA Champion if it weren’t for the signing of Kevin Durant and that man is taking a pay cut. Durant could have signed a $31M per year max contract but instead took a two-year deal worth $53M.

Durant is focused more on winning another title and not on cashing in on the gold rush. This move allows the Warriors to keep the depth of their bench, including Andre Iguodala. Although this may hurt other player’s ability to get these massive contracts, if the focus is winning, Durant is killing the game.

By saving money on Durant’s contract, the Warriors are guaranteed to keep the core of this season’s Championship squad. Even though it’s clear that Curry is the face of the organization the real MVP is taking a pay cut to cash in on some additional jewelry.

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