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When Your Last Name Is “Shetty” Naming One Of Your Kids “Anil” Takes Stones.

When Your Last Name Is “Shetty” Naming One Of Your Kids “Anil” Takes Stones.

I’m at my GF’s house because her Dad (who happens to be the greatest human alive) had some heart issues.  We came to help do little things like getting groceries, but up railings, change lights and stuff.  House shit that’s tough for my guy Eddie to do now he’s on his back for a while. He’d do the same if not more for others.

My friends are all golfing, getting wasted and eating meat right now at Peter’s Fine Dining.   Bad timing but shit happens.

Then I happened upon this sign.  THIS ONE SIGN.  After seeing this sign, I realized why I’m here.  I’m here because for some stunned fucking reason I am happier knowing there’s a DR. ANIL SHETTY then golfing and getting hammered.  Dentist, Oncologist, Podiatrist, I dont give a shit.  DR. ANIL SHETTY is getting my next filling or crown.

What Human with the last name “SHETTY’ is going to look at his wife the day this little SHETTY comes along and decides together to name the kid ANIL.

DR. ANIL SHETTY that’s who.   He probably became a DR to get back at his parents knowing all dentists have signs and his SHETTY name would live in infamy as a viral the greatest name for a Dr. EVER.

If you live in the 519, Call DR ANIL SHETTY and make an appointment.  If he’s been able to tune out his own name for 40 years guaranteed he’s a great Dentist.



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