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LCBO strike would cripple drunks everywhere.

LCBO strike would cripple drunks everywhere.

Toronto Sun

In Ontario, we have a government-run organization that sells booze called the LCBO (Liquor Control Board of Ontario). As do most govt-run orgs, they hold our booze hostage and charge whatever they want knowing you have nowhere else to go to get liquor and a variety of other spirits.

Yes, they have started to to sell select wine and beer in some grocery stores, and we do have “The Beer Store” that sells beer, but if you want vodka/rye/scotch or a nice bottle of wine, you’re fucked. Only at the LCBO.

Yesterday the workers at the LCBO decided to strike unless they get a fair deal, and the alcoholic world shuddered. I’m not going to give you any shitty details but the workers want more money and the govt is a bunch of cheap pricks, so whatever. Much like a teachers’ strike that holds kids hostage, LCBO workers want to do the same to our booze.

Two years ago, the LCBO threatened to strike and I bought $1500 worth of booze the day before they were going to start their strike action. When I got to the cottage, my GF asked why I had 7 boxes of booze. I said LCBO was going on strike. She went through the box and stood back as if to give me shit and said, “we need to get more, you only have 20 bottles of wine!”

Please God let there be labour peace. Starting the summer like this would blow.

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