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Leafs GM Kyle Dubas Says Players Can Grow ‘Flavour Savours’ All They Want Now That Lou Is Gone

Leafs GM Kyle Dubas Says Players Can Grow ‘Flavour Savours’ All They Want Now That Lou Is Gone

Leafs GM Kyle Dubas held media avail today to address a few things before Leafs begin training camp with 5000 guys on the roster.

Kyle has the world by the balls right now and can seemingly do no wrong.  Coming off a Calder Cup win with the Marlies, Dubas hustled the league signing John Tavares, in the process becoming an overnight folk hero.

Now he’s dealing with his first holdout as Leafs GM in William Nylander which isn’t Ideal.  As confident as he is about signing Willy, Nylander is asking for 8m per and won’t come to camp unless it’s done.

Also not Ideal, inserting 28-year-old journeyman Tyler Ennis on Matthews line in place of Nylander until it’s resolved.

It may be common around the league for players to hold out but it doesn’t happen much.  And common doesn’t mean it’s ok or that Nylander will sign sooner than later.

Nylander says he wants to be here (they all say that) and the Leafs want Nylander here in the worst way but Toronto is staring down Matthew’s and Marner’s deals, and with 13 million in cap space, you get the feeling that something has to give.  Factor in not addressing their glaring issues on D and Nylander would garner an impressive return to help in that dept.

This was the dilemma no one wanted to talk about two years ago when the Leafs made the playoffs but it’s here now.  It’ll be very interesting to see how Toronto deals with the core.

Good news…players are now allowed to grow facial hair ALL SEASON LONG.

I can’t wait for Mitch’s pubic throatee to fill in…

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