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LeafsHub Depth D Challenge: You Be The GM.

LeafsHub Depth D Challenge: You Be The GM.

LeafsHub Depth D Challenge – Format

Everybody needs a job. Everybody with any gumption wants a job. Everybody, for the most part, deserves a job. But what’s the usual problem? Sometimes there are no jobs. The only answer then is if you truly want one, you have to go into the workforce, prove yourself, and flat out take one. This is life in the NHL, especially for guys on the bubble. Sometimes circumstances keep you out of the running until a later date, and sometimes the time is now.  In the case of Toronto’s back end, there are openings on the bottom end. But there are several solid applicants for just a few coveted positions.

Jobs were relatively easy to come by in Toronto not too long ago. Now, the climate has changed, and there’s competition caused by pressure from beneath. The topic of discussion of late has quite often been the Maple Leafs lack of depth on the blueline. And while a Top 4 right side Dman is still the glaring hole, organizational depth is not or is at the very least a dwindling concern.

It’s July so we know much can change and prognosticating the Leafs blueline may be an act of futility. Don’t think for a minute that will stop us here at LeafsHub, so we’ve devised a challenge. A bracket, tournament if you will, where we’ll pit the eight candidates who’ve qualified based on your participation and feedback.

Players have been seeded and brackets set. You will cast votes, the readers at LeafsHub, as those vying for a roster spot go head to head and the defenseman with the most votes will advance. Voting will begin at approximately 9 pm and a write up for the combatants stating their case will be posted along with the voters poll via @LeafsHub twitter account, and we encourage as many RT’s as possible. This is all about fun and enjoyment which will fall in line with the message from going forward.

Vote at your discretion, but our wish is for you to consider all angles. Development path, contract status, and waivers, of course, ability and role, team structure and dynamic, systems, experience, basically put you in Toronto’s board room. Get inside the mentality of the front office and make an informed decision. With that in mind, here are the matchups. After Round One players will be re-seeded. Round Two will see the winners of the first round face off in the semis. Round Three will see the two winners face off and the vote leader of those last D standing earns the starting #6 spot on the Maple Leafs blueline. The runner up to him in the final head to head will be our 7th Dman. The remaining bracket will be the losers of Round Two go at it for the 8th and last spot on the opening night roster.

Debate with the passion only Leafs fans can muster and see you all tonight online for Round One. Voting will begin approximately 9 pm and runs open for 24 hours. The “LeafsHub Depth D bracket Challenge” matchups are as follows:

Dermott vs. Valiev

Rosen vs. Nielsen

Marincin vs. Holl

Marchenko vs. Borgman


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