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LeBron James Posts Newer AND Douchier Shirtless Work Out Video


LeBron James Posts Newer AND Douchier Shirtless Work Out Video

Source  –  Here’s the latest installment of the LeBron James Challenge … courtesy of LeBron James!!

LBJ posted yet another shirtless workout vid Friday morning … vibin‘ out to Meek Mill‘s new “Wins & Losses” album. This time, the King raps, sings and even maniacally laughs at his haters.

LeBron’s been mocked by pretty much the entire Internet — including Steph Curry — for his first viral gym sesh, so it’s only a matter of time before your timeline gets flooded with new challenge vids.

At one point, LBJ makes sure to point out one of Meek’s lyrics directed at the President — “Trump ain’t feelin’ us” … which makes sense, considering Bron’s never hidden his feelings towards POTUS.

As for LeBron’s singing … it’s never too late for lessons, bro.


Enough of the dancing while you’re working out for Christ Sake.  We get it.  You are awesome…blah blah….shirtless working out blah blech.

We know no one wants to play with you

You are 3-8 in the finals, which means you DO lose so stop singing that stupid song.

All your friends are making fun of you.

You flop like a bitch.

And generally speaking, we are super sick of you right now.  You are everywhere, you go to the finals every year, you make way too much news because people dont want to play with you, and your sprite commercial isn’t believable.

Put your phone down and go dark socially for a couple of months.  We are good for a while.


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