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Blue Jays

Left Side Of The Infield Supply The Power, Blue Jays Win 7-2

Josh Donaldson and Troy Tulowitzki both went deep, as the Blue Jays took down the Astros.

JD took Houston starter Mike Fiers yard for a 3-run shot in the 5th inning for his 9th home run of the season. This after Fiers came ‘up and in’ earlier in the at bat. Something JD looked pretty pissed about.

Savage move by JD to bounce back up and get the barrel out in front. He took his time leaving the box as he admired his work, well played.

Tulo would hit his 7th deep fly in the 7th inning to supply the Jays with their 7th run of the game. Lucky guy.

Frank Gunn/CP

Blue Jays starter Marcus Stroman kept the Astros’ hitters off balance. The ground ball machine used four double plays to complete seven innings of 6 hit ball, striking out 6. Another hot topic from Saturday’s game was Marcus’ wind up which is becoming quite the sideshow, but that’s precisely the intent.

Stroman rarely repeats the same delivery, and so far, this season it’s working. You have to wonder if down the road it affects his arm with all the inconsistencies. Keep an eye on it kids.

Marcus kept an eye on the ‘hot spot’ on his middle finger, especially early in the game.  It didn’t seem to bother him too much. A welcome sign for Blue Jays fans who can only hope their rotation stays healthy the rest of the way. It was one of the main reasons last year the team had so much success; it may be the key to a second-half resurgence.

Saturday’s game was a classic Blue Jays win.

Do nothing for the first four innings offensively, and finally, somebody gets a hold of one.

This homer happy team lives and dies on the long ball, which will never change as long as the majority of this lineup is intact. Could be turning slightly if Team Shatkins re-tool in the coming weeks, we will have to wait and see what they have in mind.

Still Frame – Sportsnet

One thing we do know, Aaron Sanchez has no interest in giving Marcus Stroman any love in between innings. Every time Stroman came off the mound, a flurry of teammates would be there for dabs, fives, and ass slaps. Sanchez passed every single time.

The Blue Jays will look to Sunday’s starter J.A Happ to keep them rolling into the All-Star break. Happ’s name’s been mentioned in numerous trade rumors around the league. A quality start by Happ helps everybody’s cause in those discussions.

Pitch well Jay…people helping people.

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