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Lets Talk About This Victoria Secret Anti Trans/Fat Movement For A Second

Lets Talk About This Victoria Secret Anti Trans/Fat Movement For A Second

So the Victoria Secret Fashion show is being ROASTED for not being more inclusive by having trans people and larger women in their show.  If you read the byline and you know I wrote this you’re probably thinking ‘Fuck ya, pussies ruining the world will be in this post!’

Partially true.  I think we’re so overinclusive now it makes my head hurt.  Like one of those carb headaches that lingers but not enough to get up and look for Advil kinda headaches.

I didn’t watch a red-hot second of this awesomeness but as a heterosexual guy, I love the idea. What’s not to love?  The motivating factor in our lives in panties and bras wearing feathers and high heels.   Duh.

I think inclusiveness should be a priority more than ever too.   Over the past few years I’ve learned I don’t always have to have my own way and to ‘live and let live’ for lack of a better term.  If your gay, straight, black, green, disabled, accidentally stupid, you do you and I’ll do me and as long as you respect me I’ll respect you.  I don’t have an opinion on Vegans as long as they don’t have a militant opinion of me.

I happen to think racism is rampant, White people stole the Native’s land and we should give it back, women should be free AF to be pro-choice, and people are who they identify in their hearts to be who they are.  I’ve talked to trans people who’ve transitioned and lost it all to do so despite being in a happy marriage with kids and grandkids, to have life-changing surgery and be bedridden for weeks just to be true to themselves.  If that’s not a compelling reason to be inclusive, there isn’t one.

What I’m saying is I support the right for these people to be heard and absolutely be in the show.  I also think there are lots of trans and overweight women who think this is overkill in the “we want in” movement.

There’s a reason I don’t drink but I don’t go to the bar and demand no one drink because I don’t want to feel excluded.  That might be a shitty reference but it’s overkill and because Victoria Secret uses societies 10/10 smoke job models because that’s what we’ve always deemed attractive and it’s no one’s fault but history.  Blame the foremothers of hotness, not the warm bloodied men trained to take this catalog into the bathroom to give it a pull.  Seriously.  There are lots of cultures where big women are considered far more beautiful than their thinner counterparts.

Having said all that I and 100% into having trans people and plus size models in this thing next year.  Tell me right now that’s not going to be appointment watching.  That would be a WAAAAAYYYY better show. WAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY better.  Something for everyone too.  Tell me THAT’S not inclusive.



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