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Matt Duchene Wants Us All To Know He Got Kicked In The Balls

Matt Duchene Wants Us All To Know He Got Kicked In The Balls

Who knew Zack Smith was so valuable?

According to Matt Duchene, he most certainly is and it’s painful to see him get waived.

How painful you ask?

Yikes, we wonder how it felt to find out EK was getting dealt to the Sharks for a bunch of bullshit.

Or when Hoffman got shipped out for a mix of meh.

The Ottawa Senators are now the laughing stock of the NHL and they have their uneducated owner to blame for it.

Their building sucks, the team sucks, and their future isn’t filled with lollipops and rainbows.

Someone tell Duchene not to suck too bad this season, because his old club Colorado who wanted him out because he turned into an alpha male who the guys got fed up with because he kinda sucks,  is going to reek the benefits of their shitty season.

We know this didn’t suck:

Too bad the mediocre Duchene has limited options around him, pending UFA status, and the potential to have a minus 45 by the end of the year.

Wait until he gets his first contract offer July 1st, that may leave a mark on his balls. And his ego.

Sens suck!


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