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MayMac World Tour Takes Bite Out of Big Apple, Catches the Shits

MayMac World Tour Takes Bite Out of Big Apple, Catches the Shits


What did I just watch? What a pile of shit, and that’s coming from someone who is particularly hyped for this fight. I thought the first stop of this tour was bad but this; this may have been the worst thing I have ever watched in my life.

Much like the Los Angeles stop, the New York Press Conference did have its moments. Like Conor McGregor’s ridiculous, yet hilarious 1980’s pro-wrestling inspired outfit. How a man goes from dressing top notch from head to toe in custom suits, to whatever that was is beyond me.

As much as I loved tonight’s outfit, it still has nothing on the “Fuck You” suit he rocked in Los Angeles. The night’s outfit was about all Conor had going for him though. He bombed on stage and tried to address what some thought was a slightly racist comment at the Staples Centre but came off more like Michael Richards than anything.

If I had to award the night to anyone though, it would have to go to Mayweather. Although Conor’s outfit brought back childhood memories of Ric Flair, WOOO, Mayweather’s trash talk was far more on point than McGregor’s.

Floyd won tonight’s verbal exchange like a kid going into a test with the answer sheet. McGregor was dressed like one of Mayweather’s strippers that he constantly promotes on his Twitter feed for Girl Collection. Mayweather then proceeded to “make it rain” on McGregor and say, “This is my hoe, and I just threw $1 bills on this bitch”.

I mean that alone seals it for me.

As a huge Conor McGregor mark, which for the non-classic wrestling fan means “fan,” I hope he bounces back and we see another show as we did in Toronto to finish out the tour. If not I’ll just have to wait for August 26th when I can see him upset the world and knock out Floyd “Money” Mayweather. Watch out for that article by the way when I try to talk you into why he wins this fight.

Until then though, cheers.

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