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Mayweather Sr. Steals Show at MayMac World Tour

To be completely honest the MayMac World Tour started off a bit soft in my opinion. I didn’t feel like we got the most entertaining Conor McGregor we’ve ever seen, Floyd seemed just to be making things up, and they even cut McGregor’s mic to stop him from responding to Mayweather’s trash talk.

Insert Mayweather Sr. to save the day.

Mayweather Sr. stole the show when he interrupted McGregor’s post press conference, press conference. Apparently, that’s a thing when you’re as big a star as Conor McGregor. Nonetheless, though, Mayweather Sr. killed it, and there we saw the McGregor we all know and love.

The Press Conference wasn’t all bad. Despite the lackluster beginning, the highlight of the day was without question Conor’s “Fuck You” suit. This bad boy might be one of the most creative things I’ve seen in at press conference yet.

Absolutely genius.


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