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McGregor Drops Former World Champion in Sparring

McGregor Drops Former World Champion in Sparring

The Notorious One is at it again, stealing all the headlines as we approach the spectacle that is Mayweather vs. McGregor. This time it isn’t so much for his words, but his actions.

In order to prep for his August 26th bout against Floyd Mayweather, Conor brought in former two-time World Champion, Paulie Malignaggi to help him in sparring. Apparently McGregor knocked down the former World Champion during one of their sparring sessions.

Or did he? That’s where the drama lays.

Photos emerged on Twitter of Malignaggi lying on his back, as McGregor stands over the former WBA Welterweight Champion. It seems pretty cut and dry, right? Conor must have knocked Paulie to the ground then the McGregor marketing team must have shared the photo to hype fans for the fight.

Not so fast, Malignaggi took to twitter to call out McGregor for posting the photos, as he tweeted the following:

With that, Paulie has gone on a tweeting rampage, and to be honest, is coming off as a bit of a whiney bitch. Don’t get me wrong, if it was a push off then McGregor is doing the man dirty but what did Malignaggi think was going to happen? It’s McGregor’s upcoming fight, McGregor’s camp, and McGregor’s photographers, not Malignaggi’s.

The focus is on developing Conor, and making him look good. It’s called marketing, and McGregor is killing the game with it. I understand why it may hurt Malignaggi’s feelings, especially considering he’s a former two-time World Champion, but this isn’t your time. Not to be harsh, but you’re a “former” World Champion, not current. If you’re not willing to have your ego slightly bruised, don’t be someone’s sparring partner.

The other thing to consider is that this may be payback on Conor’s behalf. Malignaggi had to leave training camp for a week to commentate another Boxing event. During that week, Paulie did a number of interviews in which he discussed McGregor’s punching power, or lack there of. So maybe Conor caught wind of what Paulie was saying, and these photos were a message to keep his mouth shut.

McGregor drops former World Champion

To be completely honest, that’s another reason why I’m not too bothered by the photos. It was just a few days ago that Paulie was saying those things, and building himself up off of McGregor’s name. So they’re kind of even in my eyes.

Regardless. It doesn’t matter. Whether it was a legitimate knock down or not, we’ll likely never see the footage of that days sparring anyway. It’s practice, and as I’ve said before, no one looks good in practice. These things just happen.

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