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Meet Ariel Puent: The Softball Star With One Arm

Meet Ariel Puent: The Softball Star With One Arm

Ariel Puent doesn’t see her condition as a disability, but a gift.

The freshman softball player for St. Charles West (MO) is already playing varsity. And oh yea, she only has one arm.

The condition of Ariel’s right arm is due to Amniotic Band Syndrome, a rare condition that cut off blood flow to her arm while in the womb.

Ariel’s story has gone viral on Facebook, racking up 4.5 million views. The comments range in the thousands from people all over the world. Ariel told me that all the positive feedback has only made her love softball that much more.

Coaches have been contacting her from coast to coast, hoping she can speak to their teams as inspiration. A professional softball player in Texas has also reached out, asking her if she would like to throw the first pitch and a game next year.

Ariel also plays soccer and basketball. Because why not?

With still three years left of her high school career, I cannot wait to see what’s next in store for this young Warrior.




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