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Blue Jays

Memories Of A Mid-20’s Jays Fan

The Blue Jays recent success is something that is still very new, it’s easy to forget what times were like leading up to this and sometimes it is nice to reminisce on the way things used to be. Not that I am in a hurry to go back (it’s upon us whether we like it or not), but the team of that time period was definitely an attraction to dare I say ‘real’ baseball fans.

Not only are we fans of Toronto but the game of baseball itself. Success brings excitement back to the game, it gives you hope that we could be back on top. Success also brings a certain breed of fan that just decided to show up when the going was good and to hear some of the garbage spewed from their heathen mouths can make you want to punch yourself in your own face. Okay maybe that’s a little harsh (it isn’t) but I would like to take the time to remind ourselves of where we came from.

The SkyDome

Remember before Telecom owned the entire world and we could call our beloved stadium the SkyDome. The Dome was a place we went to leave it all behind, with an open mind and heart we could come to this magical stadium and disappear into a good old game of baseball. My wife is probably fucking her boss but at least I can think about not killing myself at the SkyDome! The sky was the limit (or wasn’t?). I miss those days because ever since 2005 Rogers seems to think they need to throw it in your face that they own everything, I already knew that and you have the gall to take away my SkyDome by planting the filth that is Rogers into its sacred name. The SkyDome must live on for you have forgotten the face of your father.


Remember when SARS was a thing? The respiratory disease that was killing everyone and especially murdering the attendance to any live Toronto events. Back in 2003, the Jays were a fanless team. That is until Mr. Ted Rogers himself had the genius plan to sell one dollar tickets. Success is great but how can you argue a one dollar ticket? If we are lucky SARS will return and I will be ready and waiting, with a pocket full of vitamin C and one precious Loonie.

Carlos Delgado

(Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

I grew up Catholic and was never convinced until I was graced by the presence of Carlos Delgado (baseball Jesus). The Puerto Rican’s 12 years with the Blue Birds were legendary and he rightfully owns the team’s offensive records in basically everything. Look it up if you want but I risk getting carpel tunnel of the fingers, wrists, and penis if I were to type out his accolades. Carlos was the face of this franchise for over a decade and a hero to all Canadian kids who were fans of the sport.

Lyle Overbay

(Ezra Shaw/Getty Images North America)

Lyle fuckin Overbay was never great, but I always seemed to be drawn to him as a player. His longest stint in the majors was for the Jays and to a young lad like myself, I thought he was the greatest player in the world. Looking back on his years with us he had one very good season followed by years of mediocrity and a contract that pissed everyone off. His most impressive record is that he is one of only 15 players to hit into an unassisted triple play. To put this in comparison with something completely unrelated, only 14 people have ever walked on the moon, so you can suck on that shit Overbay haters.

Roy Halladay


(Fred Thornhill/CP)

Roy Halliday, do I ever miss the ‘Doc’. At the time I’m not really sure I ever fully appreciated what this man was doing on the mound. He’s an 8x all-star, has 2 Cy Young awards in both the AL and NL. He also has pitched a perfect game followed by a no-hitter in the playoffs the next season, which wasn’t while playing for the Jays but I look at it like we loosened the shit out of the jar for them. Roy spent most of his career wasting away on a team that was never destined to win anything and for that he deserves everyone’s respect. Part of me wishes the Doc was still around today so I could appreciate more of the greatness I was actually witnessing at the time.

The Orioles Sucked Even Worse

We were always better than the Orioles. I didn’t even know how true this was but I always seemed to remember that going to watch us play the Orioles was pretty much a guaranteed win. When I went to research this deep inner feeling, I wasn’t surprised to see that from the year 2000 to 2011 the Jays finished behind the Orioles in the AL East regular season standings only one time. That’s a decade of being slightly less shitty than someone in the division. Hey Baltimore, you really actually sucked! I could basically say the same about Tampa but the Devil Rays will always be fucking irrelevant.


There was nothing like going to the SkyDome as a kid and watching a game of baseball. Back then was a simpler time, one where the impending chance of defeat didn’t matter. I didn’t care about our record in the Al-East, I didn’t care that we constantly missed the playoffs, I didn’t think twice about how a player had been performing for the last 10 games. All I wanted was to walk into that gigantic stadium, sit in my shitty seats and watch a good old game of baseball.

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