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MLB Agent Fired For Filming Clients In The Shower

MLB Agent Fired For Filming Clients In The Shower

Source: A baseball agent is under investigation by the MLB Players Association and has been fired for allegedly filming clients in the shower with a hidden camera, according to FanRag Sports.

Jason Wood, formerly of Career Sports Entertainment, is being accused of secretly peeping on players while they used his shower, after one of his clients reportedly discovered a camera. The player, who wished to remain unnamed, confronted Wood and fired him, the report said. Multiple sources suggested to FanRag Sports that other players were also being filmed.

Wood called the claims “absurd and untrue,” in a statement to FanRag’s Robert Murray.

“Over the past 13 years I have worked tirelessly to build a successful agency through integrity and heard work,” he said. “I am disappointed that there are those who have chosen to spread such irresponsible and harmful rumors.”

The Daily News has confirmed Woods has been suspended by the union, which certifies and regulates agents, until the investigation is complete.

While the MLBPA declined comment, CSE confirmed Wednesday that it had fired Wood as president of its baseball division.

“For over 32 years, CSE Talent has prided itself on our moral and ethical standards and have built a solid reputation within the industry. We take pride in working with people who represent these values,” Danny Martoe, President of CSE Talent, said in the statement. “It’s unfortunate that CSE Talent aligned itself with someone who didn’t uphold these same standards and therefore we chose to terminate with cause Wood’s employment.”

CSE Talent acquired Wood’s Arland Sports agency last year.

CSE’s website states that it represents about 100 major-leaguers, and Wood represented players like Kansas City third baseman Cody Asche, Boston outfielder Andrew Benintendi, Seattle reliever David Phelps, and Tampa pitchers Jake Odorizzi and Ryne Stanek.

Multiple players have reportedly fired Woods as their agent.

Well, this may explain why he is one of the least expensive Agents on the market, he takes a cut so he can get some more footage. This could become movie material, Moneyball’s sequel could take a serious fucking twist.

No sign of any Blue Jays being named as shower goers. More names will come out as the days go on.

No wonder he was always hosting boys weekends. They should check his portfoio and see how many of his players also have deals with Old Spice or Dove.

And who said business and pleasure don’t mix.


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