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MLB All-Star Game Recap, It Wasn’t Totally Shit

This is the first All-Star game since 2002 that was not worth home-field advantage in the World Series. The previous 11 out of 14 games were won by the American League. They finally tossed this rule, which I think makes the most sense, giving the team with the best record home field is the most logical way to do it. This gave the All-Star game a better atmosphere and players could show some more personality.

Like when Nelson Cruz stopped mid game to take a picture with Joe West. I mean the guy has umped more than 5000 games and since this one is meaningless, feel free to pull that shit. It was hilarious.


Also making a splash were some of the custom cleats guys were sporting. Bryce Harper had some very stylish Miami Vice cleats with a wicked tribute to Jose Fernandez. Respect to Bryce for showing some love to the city of Miami and its fans. Jose was the face of the franchise, and he will be missed.



Zack Cozart also had some custom shoes of his own. Everyone knows by now that Joey Votto boosted Cozart’s votes by promising him a Donkey if he made the All-Star game. Well, the donkey work and the fans delivered. Cozart stayed true to what got him there and was repping a tribute of his own. He even hit a single breaking a Cincinnati Reds streak of going 0-25 in the All-Star game.



The game itself ended by a score of 2-1, which sounds terribly annoying but the atmosphere made up for it. The pitchers came out to play. You could tell that even though it meant nothing, the guys hurling did not want to give up anything easy. Scherzer and Sale both pitched great. The sale even hit 100 mph a few times; you could tell the boys were excited. Two solo dongers were also featured by a couple of 8-time All-Stars in Yadier Molina and Robinson Cano. Cano’s came in the 10th inning and was the deciding run in a very close game.



So as it stands the series is completely even. It wasn’t an offensive explosion like everyone thought, but NL pitchers combined to strike out 14 batters, setting a new All-Star record. With the total of 23 strikeouts in the night, it set a new All-Star game combined strikeouts record. For a match that was worth nothing, the pitchers came to fucking play.



I’m usually the one who likes to shit on All-Star games. It’s like trying to hype up a bowl of chicken noodle soup. No matter what, it’s a fucking bowl of chicken noodle soup. All-Star games across each pro sport are always trying to reinvent themselves, desperately seeking a wider audience and more fans. But at the end of the day, it’s the same old shit. That being said, I was pleasantly surprised with what went on in Miami. We got to see some personality that baseball is so desperate to find. We also got to see the players having fun. What more could yah want?

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Jamie Scott is a photographer, writer, comedy fan, and an avid sports enthusiast. When he isn't traveling the world you can be sure to find him talking sports and enjoying the company of his amigos. Jamie is always keen for a laugh and he's got the perspective to find something funny in everything.

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