Madonna writing her biopic is a ‘draining and challenging experience’

Todd Hancock
Oct 17, 2021

Machine Gun Kelly says his new album ‘feels more guitar-heavy’

Todd Hancock

Superman is now Bisexual + Lochlin Cross plays a mean...

Oct 15, 2021

Friday Five: Toronto’s Biggest Celebrity Sports Fans

Nick Reid

Ozzy’s new album features Clapton, Beck, Iommi & Wylde!

Todd Hancock
Oct 11, 2021

KIM KARDASHIAN Destroyed In Her Opening Monologue On SNL

Trippin With Bondzee

Korn: ‘Every album, Every song’ Book due in November!

Todd Hancock
Oct 08, 2021

Eagles Of Death Metal announce ‘A Boots Electric Christmas’ EP!

Todd Hancock
Oct 06, 2021