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OJ Spotted Shopping For Knives In Bulk.

OJ Spotted Shopping For Knives In Bulk.

Source  –  O.J. Simpson was spotted stocking up on supplies at a Las Vegas Costco on Sunday morning.

Dressed in jeans, a blue polo shirt, and a blue zip-up sweatshirt, Simpson bought laundry detergent and coffee during his solo shopping trip.

“People definitely recognized him but did not make it awkward,” one shopper told Page Six. “It was as if he was a normal person, an everyday guy shopping at Costco.”

Simpson — who we’re told “comes in all the time” — was also seen “chatting and laughing with the checkout lady.”

The 70-year-old has been living in Vegas following his October release from a Nevada prison, where he served a nine-year stint for armed robbery.


If I told you, you could murder two people you hate the most ever, and you’d only have to spend nine years in jail, would you do it?  Most would but not me because I have nice teeth and theirs no way I’m letting someone punch in this jailhouse Vagina.

What are the chances he just comes out of there with coffee and laundry soap?  No one ever goes to COSTCO and comes home with the items on their list and not an item more so I call bullshit on OJ again.

I go to COSTCO for prime rib and some ghee butter; I also come home with a socket set, 400 aa batteries, 24 giant muffins and a new mattress.  Thats how they get you and even people who kill their wives and cut the heads off waiters do the same thing.

And if you’re the checkout lady at the Vegas COSTCO you should wear a turtleneck and flat out refuse to chat with OJ cause that’s how he gets YOU.  “How’s your day” turns into “you look like Nicole” pretty quick with a guy who spent 3400 days in jail?








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