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Old White Guy Peter Vecsey Drops N-Bomb On Twitter. Tells People “You’re Problem, Not Mine”

Source  –  Peter Vecsey should probably stick to sports — and not use explicit rap lyrics when commenting on it.

Vecsey caused a firestorm of controversy after he used a Notorius B.I.G. lyric containing the N-word to comment on a scuffle during the Knicks game against the Cavaliers at Madison Square Garden Monday night.

Early in the first quarter LeBron James got tangled up with point guard Frank Ntilikina, resulting in Enes Kanter quickly coming to his point guard’s defense.

Vecsey applauded Kanter’s fearlessness for not backing down from James. However, rather than tweet out “Good job Kanter,” or “Wow! Gotta love Kanter’s toughness there,” the longtime sports columnist decided to tweet an explicit lyric containing the N-word from the song “N—-s Bleed” by the late rapper Notorius B.I.G.

“Never thought I would cringe at someone quoting B.I.G…..Word up, Pete,” the user wrote, replying to Vecsey’s original post.

Rather than apologize, Vecsey responded, “Your problem, not mine.”

Vecsey then proceeded to retweet a number of fans who voiced their support for the sports columnist despite his insensitive Tweet.

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