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Episode: 13
  Nov 29, 2018   00:59:32

#13 Podcast With Daren Millard, Connor Brown And Joe Bowen

Sometimes I take for granted I work with Daren Millard. Tonight we ripped a bonus Podcast from Ed’s Fine Imports (best men’s wear store in the world). Ed brought Maple Leaf Connor Brown in for an autograph signing. When Connor saw Daren his eyes lit up and he got all stoked to be interviewed by Millard. Seriously. You can listen to it here but goddamn can Daren interview. He put on a Masterclass while I interrupted the shit out of him with questions about team planes and food. The voice of the Maple Leafs Joe Bowen was there and if he’s not the best interview in the world, I like to see who is. Bowen dishes on the HOF nod, not being on TV, and is this the best Leaf Team he’s had the pleasure of calling.