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Episode: 14
  Nov 30, 2018   01:22:12

#14 Podcast With Daren Millard

SKIDOOSH! Today we plowed into a tweet from someone who sent a pic of the MLSE plane on the way to Sweden to pick up Nylander and Daren Isn't happy with me thinking this is a done deal! Alex Beaton from the Next Step stops by and talks to us about the #MeToo movement, women in the acting business and her outstanding career so far. Alex explains bumble to Daren and brings us into the world of a single women in 2018. She is 23 but her demeanour, personality and accomplishments are years beyond her age. Dean gets verbally assaulted while trying to get into a parking spot and films the entire thing. You've gotta hear this sound bite. Enjoy our podcast on our website, iTunes and Soundcloud!