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Episode: 155
  Oct 08, 2019   01:06:25

#154 Podcast with Graham Kritzer and Cannabis Phil

Welcome to the 154th episode of the Podcast with Graham Kritzer and Cannabis Phil. On today’s program, we discuss the Leafs, the best/worse serial killer of all time and herpes being used to cure cancer. Let’s begin, shall we? The Leafs had the defending Stanley Cup champs on the ropes last night and ended up blowing it. We discuss Anderson letting in soft goals and Damian Coxs’ article. The Federal Debate was last night and it was a tough watch. Canadian politics am I right? There is a very aggressive story by the Conservative Party about why Justin Trudeau left his job as a teacher. The details are greasy. Cannabis Phil makes an appearance and he’s feeling down. We do 5 minutes of psychology with Phil. Dean talks about the time a woman farted during hot yoga and it was so bad it almost killed him. We close with herpes being able to stop skin cancer, the Samuel Little confession and a hilarious prank phone with a duct cleaner. He loses his mind and we recorded it all! Enjoy!