The Dean Blundell Show

The Dean Blundell Show
Episode: 499
  Jul 22, 2021   5257

499. The Dean Blundell Show With James DiFiore, Lochlin Cross and Bondzee Live

We've got a weird one today folks..buckle up. 

On today's episode the boys discuss Deaner from FUBAR cancelling last minute due to an adult circumcision gone wrong..seriously. 

The boys then bring up the idea to do mushrooms on the show one day. Dean and Loch have never done it, they have some doubts. 

Ottawa cops catching a man in a stall with his pants down and his penis out, standing next to a lubed up miniature pony

Vaccine passports are coming...and that sparks the two tier society system debate

Bondzee gives us trip updates and has decided to get the Johnson and Johnson vaccine

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