The Dean Blundell Show

The Dean Blundell Show
Episode: 578
  Nov 24, 2021   5789

578. Chris Sky World Is Falling Apart With Caryma Sa'd Live From Peterburgers, Krista Ford Is On A Qanon Heater, Kyle Rittenhouse/Tucker Carlson Interview Was An Electric Factory

Call the dogs and piss on the fire, #ChrisSky's world is falling apart and Caryma S'ad is here to tell us about it.

#DougFord's daughter is on a HUGE #Qanon heater and her unvaccinated cop husband just lost his job as a Toronto cop. We'll take you inside their living room to see what a crazy person's dining room looks like.

#PETERBURGERS is getting shut down because they're run by a bunch of conspiracy weirdos that make burgers during sleepovers.

The #KyleRittenhouse/#TuckerCarlson interview was electric

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