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Episode: 73
  Apr 24, 2019   00:45:12

#70 Podcast With Daren Millard

The Toronto Maple Leafs lost Game 7 to the Boston Bruins for the 3rd time since 2013! Demons not exercised!! Dean loves it because he is excited about the ensuing Leaf psycho meltdown. Twitter is blowing up. The trends are insane and hilarious. He doesn’t care if you send him rude notes. He just wants to watch the city burn. Daren believes that this loss has nothing to do with a “curse” or Mike Babcock. It’s fully on the players. Put down the pitchforks and torches Leafs nation! Dean and Daren read hilarious meltdown tweets from the Toronto fan base! Dean is done with the playoffs now that the Leafs are out…Daren is going to watch every single game left. On a positive note, the Toronto Raptors skipped into the second round with a convincing series-clinching win over the Orlando Magic. Go Raptors! Dean is pissed at mainstream media for tweeting out about Jake Gardiners’ plus/minus for entertainment. blogger Donny Schram thinks Babcock is overrated and wrote a scathing article about it on our website. Daren is baffled. Enjoy!