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Episode: 90
  May 22, 2019   00:53:28

#85 Podcast With Daren Millard

Welcome to the 85th episode if the Podcast with Daren Millard. On today’s show, Dean talks about learning to type on a typewriter and the time Apple almost went tits up. Way to date yourself bro. Ever since we announced our news Dean has gotten 12 job applications over the weekend. We also have office space and it’s outstanding. Switching gears there is a new herpes strain that’s out and it’s called super herpes. Dean lays down some serious education on wrapping it up and being responsible. Dean gets real about the media industry. He dives deep into his controversial exit from the Edge and Sportsnet. Daren is shocked and excited that this venture leads to significant employment and money. We talk about the new office and how amazing it’s going and be and slowly peel back the identity of one of our investors. Very secret stuff. We discuss a story about two junior officers drawing a giant penis in the sky. We close with some Raptors talk. We are back in it baby! Enjoy!