Minimal Filters

Minimal Filters
Episode: 18
  Jan 11, 2022   4202

A Dinner including Antonio Brown, Will Ferrell, Lisa Ann and The Rock.

On today's episode, Nathan and Kale talk about Uber ratings, the Yellowstone Finale and bring two of their most popular segments back: Love Language and ASK.MF. They give all you chronic masturbaters the tips you need to find someone to do the job for you and answer all sorts of questions, ranging from "What can you say in bed and at a restaurant?" all the way to "What is your purpose in life right now?". They also read out a fan made poem which was meant to roast Kale but threw an absolute ricochet shot towards Nathan. 

All this and so much more on Episode 18 of Minimal Filters.

Enjoy Moms and Dads.

Time Stamps:

6:38 - Kale’s Fan Made Poem 

9:12 - Our Holiday Weeks, including Kale with Covid and how it turned him into a gym douche.

16:41 - Review of Yellowstone Finale: Nathan and Kale's Rating Scales included. 

20:45 - Love Language

23:49 - ASKMF

1:03:23 - Shower Thought Of The Day