The Dean Blundell Show

The Dean Blundell Show
Episode: 733
  Jun 17, 2022   5087

A New Convoy Heads To Ottawa, Grizzly Bear Attacks, Selfie Deaths Are A Real Thing & Lochlin Drinks Weed Beer And Gets Really High

With wild animals attacking dumb humans turning into an epidemic, tourists in Jasper Alberta took a shot at petting a Grizzly Bear yesterday and it didn't go well. Today, we tell you why it's a good Idea to stay in your car/not stick your hands in cages.

A new convoy is headed to Ottawa for Canada day! Do these people ever learn?

Over 400 people have died taking risky selfies/pics in the last four years. Dean brought a video with him to show you why dumb people should stay home.

Lochlin tries weed beer for the first time on the podcast and get's really high