Spear Talk Podcast

Spear Talk Podcast
Episode: 134
  Dec 01, 2022   3405

Aaron Williamson

For Spear Talk 134, we welcomed Aaron Williamson to the show!

Aaron is a United States Marine Corps veteran who spent time as the Body Bearer section leader, at Arlington Cemetary, and later in his career, personal security for the Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (VCJCS), General Peter Pace. Aaron would later take a contract job to stay in Baghdad, where after a couple of years he became the country manager for a then "classified" identify management mission which consisted of biometrics and forensics. Aaron is one of the leading celebrity fitness trainers in the world today, with clients such as The Rock, Zac Efron, Jaime Foxx, and Andrew Garfield. He can also be seen in various film and television series such as the orc "GQ" in the film 'Bright', and as the "Refugee Terminator" in 'Terminator: Genisys'. 

In our discussion we covered what lead Aaron into the Marine Corps, where and how he established his love of fitness, the weight of his job as Body Bearer for the Marine Corps, the study of forensics in combat, dealing with PTSD and becoming homeless, how jumping headfirst into the fitness world saved his life, the insanity of film the film, "Bright", and so much more!

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