BlackBalled W James DiFiore

BlackBalled W James DiFiore
  Nov 27, 2022   3960

Alberta is Canada’s Most Corrupt Province w/ David Wallace

The under-the-radar scandal inside Alberta is growing. #PeeGate - another WTF is happening in Alberta moment, unearthed through the #KlondikePapers, involves all the same people involved with Operation Peacock, a scheme hatched by poltical-fixer-turned-whistleblower, David Wallace, who was hired and paid by well known Alberta operatives, developers and lawyers, many of whom have deep ties with Pierre Poilievre and/or the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church.

Pardon the sensory mix, but #PeeGate is just the appetizer. There's a whole shit sandwich coming your way. You're welcome.

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