The Dean Blundell Show

The Dean Blundell Show
Episode: 674
  Apr 05, 2022   8911

Alex Dayrabekov Live In Ukraine On War Crimes (Graphic), Cyber Warfare/ Conspiracy Theories With Hifi & We Have A Merch Store

Our friend Alex @Dayrabekov joins us from war-torn #Ukraine. He's documenting #Russian #WarCrimes in Ukraine and he shares never before seen pictures and videos from #Bucha, #Irpin, and other cities raped by Russian terrorists.

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#Marjory Taylor Green says women are the weaker sex and #Disney wants to create child sex slaves. RIIIIIGGGHT.

#HiFi from the @Radicalizedpod on the information #cyberwar in #UKRAINE/Russia. You won't believe how close to home the disinfo-dicks are. HiFi knows how organizations like the Koch brothers i360 and governments target the DUMBEST fucks in North America to help change the narrative from Terror to Lies dumb people believe.

The store is here for ALL of it!