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The Dean Blundell Show
Episode: 729
  Jun 13, 2022   7492

Alex Dayrabekov Returns Home To Irpin, Wasted McDavid “Cheating” Video, Bieber’s Face & Airport Wait Times

Our war reporter living in Ukraine finally got to return home after Russian soldiers used his condo as a toilet. Alex @Dayrabekov joins us from his home in Irpin for the first time in 107 days.

- What Alex returned to when he came home

- The vibe in Irpin has to be creepy

- Is the cleanup still ongoing? Is infrastructure back to normal?

- Back to work?

- Putin has cancer AND Parkinson's!!!

Brent Donnelly from the Kids On The Escalator joins us from Germany to talk about Airport Delays. As hard as it may be to believe, the delays are not Justin Trudeau's fault. We explain why.

Hockey Twitter is losing their shit this morning over a video of Connor McDavid drunk, holding hands with a mystery woman because we're a petty hockey nation. We go to Edmonton for an Oiler fan soap-opera reaction!!! OOOOOHHHHH.

We debunk the Bieber vaccine injury bullshit (and it's bullshit). That didn't stop crazy assholes from begging Justin to join Team Anti-vax.