The Dean Blundell Show

The Dean Blundell Show
Episode: 673
  Apr 04, 2022   7893

Alex Dayrabekov Sends Dean Horrific Unseen Photos Of Ukraine War Crimes, Freedumb Rally In Toronto Continues , Elon Rips Twitter Then Becomes Biggsest Stakeholder, Lochin Was A DD & Bondzee Performance Review

#Russians raped and murdered their way through Bucha and Irpin, Ukraine. Both cities are under Ukrainian control, the videos and pictures of the torture rape, and murder of innocent men women, and children were sent to us by Alex @Dayrabekov. Alex is documenting every murder, execution and mass grave to hand over to the International Criminal Courts. The pictures and videos he sent us haven't been seen by ANYONE yet.

While Ukrainians were being executed, some of Canada's dumbest were marching for some uninformed personal freedoms. Despite mandates and lockdowns being nonexistent, these trailer fucks are still clogging up intersections with their hepatitis heads. What are these twats still protesting? We explain!

#ElonMusk just became the largest Shareholder of Twitter based on a Twitter poll. He says they stifle free speech so it looks like he's trying to bully his way into making the world a WAY shiittier place. But is he? And does Twitter censor free speech?

Bondzee might be too drunk for this network?

Lochlin was the DD at a party on the weekend??