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The Dean Blundell Show
Episode: 701
  May 02, 2022   7753

Alex Dayrabekov Updates On Donbas/Ukrainian Murdering Russian Generals/Angelina Jolie is in Lviv, Rolling Thunder Wrap Up & Stanley Cup Playoff Preview

Alex Dayrabekove is back! Alex updates us on the War in Ukraine from Cherkasy.

We have a $ total for our #SlavaUkraine TShirt promo and we unveil our new "Fuck Putler' fundraiser merch!

Alex updates us on:

- Russian invasion of Donbas and Eastern Ukraine

- Liberation of villages around hard-hit Kharkiv and ISANE video of Ukraine murdering the shit out of Russian Generals in Ukraine

- What the Land Lease deal means for the people Of Ukraine?

- Angelina Jolie is in Lviv hanging with Alex's FB friends. The video of her heading to shelter as air raid sirens blare is crazy

#RollingThunder wrapped up on Sunday and #Ottawa is back to normal. Other than 800 tickets and a couple of dozen arrests, NOTHING happened? Is the movement dead or are we seeing how useless these rednecks are without their fake Russian/American cyberpals?

The Leafs, Flames, and Oilers are repping Canada in eh Stanley Cup playoffs. I've got the Flames/Leafs in the Stanley Cup final and it has nothing to do with Lochlin being an Oilers fan. The Flames are too big and too good. Predictions are for assholes so we'll spend 10 minutes predicting things like assholes.

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