The Dean Blundell Show

The Dean Blundell Show
  Jan 25, 2023   5599

Alt-Fake News Disinformation Grift, Canada’s New Drinking Guidelines & A Furious Man From Hamilton

Welcome to TUESDAY, my thrill-seeking friends.

We always like talking to people who know things we don't and that list is VERY fucking long.

To understand the Alt-Fake news disinformation grift, we needed to talk to someone whose been part of the disinformation machine. Former Radilcalized YouTuber Caolan Robertson (@BylineTV) is that guy.

Caolan Worked for Rebel News/INFOWARS, and he knows how the disinformation sausage is made and why. Caolan now operates BiteTV, a news-gathering site that cuts through the bullshit narratives.

Who disinfo sites monetize content?

Who funds them?

Hashtags and strategies?

Who do they look to hire?

How does the average person sift through lies meant to look like the news?

Spenny (Kenny VS Spenny) joins us for this interview

Spenny isn't happy about health Canada's new drinking guidelines, from 15 drinks/wk to 2/wk. Canadians are losing their Labatt Blue over it all - including Spenny. Especially Spenny.

Dino from Hamilton is NOT happy about the new guidelines. You need to meet this man.