Ray's Sports Rant

Ray's Sports Rant
  Sep 16, 2022   2240

Are The Buffalo Bills Even Beatable? | Will The Pats Bounce Back | Tua Watch | Jets Stink

The Buffalo Bills destroyed the Los Angeles Rams, how will the Bills do Minday night against the Tennessee Titans? The New York Jets offense didn't look great against the Baltimore Ravens. The offensive line is a huge problem for the Jets, but the defense is legit. Will the defense be enough to beat the Cleveland Browns without Deshaun Watson? The New England Patriots didn't look good in their loss to the Miami Dolphins on Sunday. It’s tough to figure out who their playmakers are. Can New England bounce back against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Tua had some really good moments against the Patriots, and he had some really bad moments against the Patriots. People are still wondering if he's an actual NFL quarterback. The Dolphins will be in tough Sunday vs the Lamar Jackson and the Ravens.

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