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The Dean Blundell Show
Episode: 684
  Apr 20, 2022   6796

Are We Too Dumb For Democracy/State Of Canadian Politics With Independant Journalist David Moscrop & Kurtis From Alberta Is Canada’s Biggest Leaf Fan

Independent journalist, Academic, Author David Moscrop Joins us to talk about Democracy. Are we too dumb for democracy?

David literally wrote the book on it.

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We talked today about the state of Canadian politics, culture wars, and what leads to the acceptance of lies as an acceptable reality?

What is democracy to you? In its purest form. What are we today?

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Kurtis From Alberta is the biggest Leaf fan in the fucking world. He lives in Alberta (Medicine Hat) and he's spent his life savings/3 years turning his basement into a fucking LEAF SHRINE. You have to experience him just one time. Total beauty.

How much did he spend on the Engvall bucket?

Does he worry about getting robbed?

How does the wife feel about that whole thing?

Bar specs? Beer fridge vending machine??