The Dean Blundell Show

The Dean Blundell Show
Episode: 645
  Mar 07, 2022   6405

Bad Actors In The Alt-Right Machine/Andy Ngo/CPAC, America’s Failed Trucker Rally W Journalist Steven Monacelli, Putin Canceling The Internet/ Anonymous Destroys Russia’s Digital Infastructure

Steven Monacelli is a world-class journalist who's been tracking down bad actors and the mysteriously fucked alt-right machine for years. He works for Rolling Stone and The Daily Beast and hates Andy NGO and alt-right shitheads more than Dean does.

Steven covers the fuckos at CPAC, America's failed trucker rally, and the worst of the worst in the Alt-Right community.

Putin is canceling the internet and personal privacy in Russia while Hacktivists Anonymous destroys Russia's digital infrastructure from the inside.