The Dean Blundell Show

The Dean Blundell Show
Episode: 776
  Aug 29, 2022   8906

Breaking Down Russian Disinformation Vectors In Canada with Professor JC Boucher

I'm STOKED Professor JC Boucher is joining us today. He and his group from The U of C School Of Public Policy have authored some definitive papers on disseminating Russian push information in Canada. While the hard right's efforts are evident, don't discount the fuckging losers on the far left. They're just as bad.

Professor Boucher gets into his latest paper about gathering 6.2 million tweets and the unbiased method they use to pinpoint vectors and bad actors. Intentional and unintentional, it all plays.

We meet Elliott McDavid, the dirty hillbilly to threatened Canada's deputy PM, Chrystia Freeland, and 3 other women in Grand Prairie last week.

We also go over Pierre Poilievre's statement about how he and his family are doing after the attack on Canada's deputy PM. Shockingly, he wants you to know he gets attacked too.


Loc shit his pants on the weekend. At 52, it's worth a discussion.

And Alberta isn't the Alberta we keep seeing in the news. Lochlin has a message for the rest of Canada; Berta isn't ALL rednecked weirdoes.