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BrentonOnTour Podcast
Episode: 14
  Nov 20, 2019   01:02:07

Brenton On Tour “Music Cast”- Episode #3- Aaron Chapman (Author-Vancouver After Dark, Historian)

In his latest book, bestselling author, musician, and cultural historian Aaron Chapman looks back at the most famous music entertainment venues in Vancouver, a city that's transforming so fast it has somehow lost some of its favourite nightspots along the way. Are the great days of Vancouver's nightlife behind us? Or does it endure in new side streets and new spaces and new forms that have resisted the changes in other parts of the city? 

Just a few of the subjects we cover as well as:

The Vancouver Music Scene 

The Canadian Music Scene

Our day together with Nikki Sixx on the streets of Vancouver

Venues from across the land

Why he does all of his interviews in a robe and so much more...